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Update: Thoughts on the Draft Curriculum

This summer has allowed me to connect online and in person with concerned community members and do a deeper dive into the draft curriculum. While this remains a Provincial Government issue, it greatly affects our students/teachers.

I would like to update/revise my thoughts from my last draft curriculum post.

The draft curriculum was created without adequate consultation with educators, specialists, and curriculum experts. The created document is partisan, age inappropriate, blurs the line between curriculum and pedagogy, and dismisses Action items from the Truth and Reconciliation recommendations.  I want our teachers to be supported in the classroom.  This means having the resources, materials, support, and additional courses to implement any new curriculum.

I would like the CBE to create a report that clearly outlines specific concerns and action items after thorough consultation. I do not consider school boards as special interest groups and recommendations from the board should have weight with the Minister of Education. Educators and parents should not be looked at as “opposition”; this is our children’s education and future that needs to be protected.

Charlene May

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