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Alberta Draft Curriculum

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

The K-6 Alberta Draft Curriculum is the #1 issue that parents, guardians, and teachers have contacted me about. I hear your concerns, and am here to help.

I have been asked what my stance is on the draft and what actions I would/could take if elected. My short answer is that the draft needs significant work to ensure each student has the opportunity to achieve their potential (the underline is actually a role of the CBE Board - visit Elections | Board of Trustees | About Us | Calgary Board of Education ( I want this new curriculum to be approved by professionals who spend countless classroom (and personal) hours tailoring lesson plans to ensure my child succeeds and has the tools for lifetime learning.

I am hopeful through increased public and professional engagement, the Minister of Education will make meaningful changes to create a curriculum that is forward thinking, age appropriate, and inclusive. If elected, I will listen to your concerns and communicate them. I have spoken with my MLA on the phone to submit my personal feedback regarding the curriculum, as well as completed the online survey on Have your say | and strongly encourage you to do the same.

If elected, my role as trustee is to represent, advocate, and serve Calgarians and to govern the CBE. Vote for me and I will bring your concerns forward to the table and collaborate with other trustees. The board can open dialogue to ensure this curriculum meets the diverse needs of our students.

Thank you.

Charlene May

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