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I believe in Public Education. 

I believe in Public School. 

I believe in public health measures that keep students and staff safe and allow our students to learn in person. 

I believe our students deserve a better draft curriculum. 

I believe in teachers/staff/admin. 

I believe that you deserve more in your elected trustee. I will attend my meetings. I will work with others to strengthen the CBE. I will attend parent council meetings, I will communicate and share important issues. I will listen and show compassion. 

My name is Charlene and I help children by creating and improving community spaces, volunteering locally, and nurturing creative minds. I live in Lake Chaparral with my husband and 2 young children who both attend local public school. 

I am running for Public School Board Trustee in Wards 12 & 14.  Strong organizations are based on transparency, trust, and collaboration.  Creating meaningful goals benefit students, families, and educators.  Your vote counts in the future of public education.

I am Here to Help!



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